Bubble Gum Day Greetings

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Wish you all a sweet day stuffed with bubble gums. So I wish a very happy and prosperous Bubble Gum Day.

On this kind occasion of Bubble Gum Day, I pray that your life becomes sweet as bubble gum.

Enjoy bubble gum without restrictions. Happy National Bubble Gum Day.

All and sundry is having an excessive amount of stress in life. Bite bubble gum and say just right bye to stress.

On the occasion of national bubble gum day, I pray to god that you and your family live a happy and sweet life ahead.

For a day forget that you are an adult now, chew a bubble gum like a kid and enjoy the day. Happy National Bubble Gum Day.

Chewing gum can relieve our stress and is good for our gum. Eat chewing gum- Relax- Enjoy. With this greeting, I wish you a very happy national bubble gum day ahead.

Chew a bubble gum- blow it- and upload a selfie with your bubble gum on instagram. Wish you and your family a very sweetening bubble gum day.

Wish this national bubble gum day sweetens your life, just like bubble gum sweetens your mouth.

Wish you a very healthy national bubble gum day. Eat a bubble gum and make your gums healthy.

The biggest bubble gum ever blown was 50.8 cm in diameter. Hope you break this record this bubble gum day. A very Happy and sweetening National Bubble Gum Day to you.

Let’s blow some bubbles together and wish everyone a happy and sugar-free bubble hum day.

Afraid not and still enjoy chewing your favorite bubble gum. Wishing everyone a very happy national bubble gum day.

Float away on bubble gum day, and live the rest of our lives as sweet as bubble gum.

Don’t let anything burst your bubble today! I wish you all the prosperity in your life on this Bubble Gum Day.

Improve your smile without giving up anything. I wish you a great Bubble Gum Day ahead of you.

Will you celebrate today with bubble gum, or will you stick with your favorite pack of chewing gum? Wish you a great day ahead!

Drama is like a bubble. It blows up then bursts when you least expect it – Happy Bubblegum Day!

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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