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Holy Good Friday Prayer Card
Praying that the lord fill your Heart with peace. Holds you in His Love and Blesses you with His grace… On this Holy Day and Always.
Holy Good Friday

Wishing You All A Blessed Good Friday
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.
Wishing you all a Blessed Good Friday!

Good Morning Wishing Everyone A Blessed Good Friday!

Blessed Good Friday Quote
Life is a maybe, Death is for sure. Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure!” ― Blessed Good Friday!

Blessed Good Friday Everyone

Good Friday Bible Quote

 Good Friday
May the blessings Of the Lord Shine upon you 
On this Holy Day & may he always 
Keep you in his loving care!

Blessed Good Friday
I Pray to Lord For Yo, He Gives You Blessing Shine Upon You On This Holy day or May He Always Keep in His Loving Care.

Have a Blessed GOOD FRIDAY!
May your faith in the god, bring peace to your hearth & New hope in your live. May God Always bless You!” ― Have a Blessed GOOD FRIDAY!

Good Friday
Praying that the Lord
Holds you in His Love
And blesses you with
His grace… on this Holy Day.

Good Friday
May the light of the Lord’s love
shine on you and Brighten your Heart on this Holy Day.

Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday
Mercy, Peace and Love
May the grace and Lord…
surround you and be with you
on Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday
May your faith in God bring peace
to your heart & new hope to your life.
May God always bless you!
Have a blessed
Good Friday! And A Good Morning

Good Friday
May the blessings of the Lord shine upon you on this holy day and may He always keep you in his loving care.
Wishing you a Holy Friday!

Good Friday
HE showed us the way, HE has long been gone and yet in our hearts, HIS name shines on.
Wishing you a Holy Friday!

Good Friday

Good Friday

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