Holi Wishes In English

Holi Wishes In English

May your life stay colored with colors of happiness, gaiety, fun, and laughter.
Happy Holi!

May all the seven colors of the rainbow come together this Holi and bless your life with happiness and joy.
Have a Happy Holi!

Hope your life be like a rainbow filled with colors of love, friendship and happiness.
Happy Holi!!

Let it go, just color it red and yellow and green and purple.
Life is letting it go and playing Holi!

May your life always be filled with the colors of joy and happiness.
Happy Holi.

May God paint the canvas of your life with the colors of joy, love, happiness, prosperity, good health and success.
Wishing you a happy Holi

May your life be as colorful as the colors of Holi.
May you reach new heights in life.
Wishing you a very happy Holi.

A little wish for you on the auspicious occasion of Holi.
May you always be healthy, contented and happy.
Wishing you and your family a happy Holi.

We wish your health, prosperity and business achievements at this prismic colour eve.
Happy Holi to you and your family

Holi is the festival of colors.
I wish with all my heart that it brings more colors to your life.
Wishing you and your family a fabulous Holi!

May the lovely colours of life, happiness and love fill your home this Holi and always.
Have a great Holi!

May your Holi be filled with vibrant colours and may joy, good health and prosperity come knocking at your doors this festive season.

Hope your life is
framed with all colors of
love and happiness
today and always!
Happy Holi

May the colours of Holi take away all your worries and sorrows and replace them with joy and happiness.
Happy Holi!

May God gift you all the colors of life,
joy, happiness,
friendship, love
and all other colors you
want to paint in your life.
Happy Holi.

I have mixed my love and wishes for you in the colors I’ll throw on you.
Happy Holi!

Let’s burn what’s evil, depressing and sad with Holika and welcome the new beginnings with open arms.
Happy Holi!

May your life be filled with
happiness and may you be
successful in whatever you do.
Wishing you a very Happy Holi.

May the colorful festival of Holi bring you good luck and prosperity in life.
Have a Happy Holi.

Holi is the festival of colors.
I wish with all my heart that
it brings more colors to your life.
Wishing you and your family a fabulous Holi.!

May your Holi fill your life with the sweet memories and lots of fun!
Happy Holi

If wishes come in rainbow colors
then I would send
the brightest one to say Happy Holi.

Best wishes to you for a Holi
filled with sweet moments
and memories to cherish for long.
Happy Holi!

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