Best Halloween Day Messages

Halloween Day Messages
Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year and the celebrations last for three days. On this occasion, all the departed souls are remembered. It is the time of celebration and festivities. Celebrate this unique and fun day with your family and friends with some Halloween messages.

Tonight is the night
when you’ll experience the fright.
So, don’t be amused or scared.
Just be prepared for it’s
the Halloween night.
Wishing you creepy fun and delight on Halloween!

As the vampires are howling,
be afraid and scared,
for the creatures of the fright
are no longer forgiving.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

When witches go riding
and ghosts, goblins
and cats are seen,
the moon smiles and whispers that
it’s Halloween!
Wishing you a happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and time for some ghoulish fun!
Just sense the shiver running down your spine…
and feel the chilliness of your body.
Get ready for some spooky fun
on the darkest night of the year
Happy Halloween!

Hope that this Halloween is full of
magic, fun and creepy surprises
that create memories
you’ll cherish forever.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

A ghostly shadow and
a bloody handprint…
It’s the evil spirit
lurking at your door…
So, give the candies and tasty treats
without my ado…
Just welcome the creatures of the dark
to drink blood cokes.
Wishing you spooky fun on Halloween!

Just like a ghost,
you haunt my dreams…
And love is kinda crazy with
a spooky girl like you.
Wishing you loads of creepy fun on Halloween!

It’s the night of the evil and dead
and time to get dressed
in your creepiest best.
Hope that you have the most happening
celebration on Halloween!

Hope that you have the craziest
celebrations on Halloween night
with ghosts and witches,
goblins and other creatures of fright.
Happy Halloween!

You may find it scary,
and feel the fright…
But you’re sure to have fun
on Halloween night.
Wishing you a groovy Halloween!

Tombs are open,
and mummies are on prowl…
Witches with cats and wizards with owl…
All searching for us to trick
and treat on the Halloween night.
Wishing you a groovy Halloween!

If you don’t get to see a ghost on Halloween,
don’t worry!
Just look at your image in the mirror
and start making merry!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner.
Try your best not to get scared by my costume.
Have a Happy and scary Halloween!

Your first pumpkin is here,
your very first autumn
and your costume too!
Hope that you have a happy 1st Halloween

Not candies but sweet kisses are
what I want from you,
and I’m sending you some to
say that you make each of my days a treat!
Have a sweet Halloween celebration!

Do good, be good but don’t be yourself because it’s Halloween my dear!…
Get ready for receiving candies and dance like a ghost this Halloween.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving, witch hunting, trick-o-treating and dancing!
Enjoy everything and have a bone-chilling Halloween!

As the evil spirits lurk at your door
and the jack-o-lanterns keep smiling,
I wish that you have a
frightfully awesome time
on Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the best day to show your neighbors
how normal you are! So, dress up scary as hell!..
Have a Happy Halloween!!

As Halloween fun is all set to begin…. I wish that this day is full of great treat and awesome celebrations for you….. Wishing you a Happy Halloween… May you have a bewitching night with your family and friends full of thrill and excitement.

With Halloween coming soon, I have started my search for the scariest costume to look spookiest on this day but soon I realized that there is nothing more frightening than the clothes in your closet…. Ha Ha Ha…. Sending warm Halloween wishes on this wonderful day.

I wish that Halloween charges up your broomstick and also your soul with more power…. I wish that the full moon brighten your life with new things. Wishing you and your dear ones a very spooky and Happy Halloween full of enjoyment and happiness!!!

I was told by someone that on this Halloween you are going to dress in a witch costume but you can fool everyone and not me as I know that you are already wearing one…. Just joking… Please don’t cast your spell on me…. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween my dear.

No matter how old you get but you are never enough old to dress up for Halloween…. Your magic to scare us all is never going to fade but is going to get better and spookier…. Please pardon me for my bad joke. Happy Halloween to you!!!!

Halloween is the time to bring out the child in us… it is the time to have fun and enjoy to the fullest… On this day, I wish that you never grow up…. I wish that you enjoy this day with excitement and thrill…. Happy Halloween my dear friend.

Halloween is the day when the deceased are believed to come back from the dead and visit us… I wish that all those who come to visit you put back smile on your face and happiness in your heart…. Sending warm wishes to you on Halloween.

I hope that the occasion of Halloween bless you with more and more number of tricks and fill your life with more fun and excitement…. Enjoy the Halloween to the fullest, with great treat and party…. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween my dear.

Watch out for the black cat in my window and a cute little pumpkin on my door…. Find out spooky ghost in my garden and a dreadful witch on my porch…. With the scene all set, wake up its Halloween… Warm wishes on a scary and deadly Halloween.

I wish that the night of Halloween is a dreadful, creepy, scary and spooky…. May you have whole lot of fun and excitement…. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween…. Sending you thrilling wishes with lots of drama on this magical night…. Always be blessed!!!

Happy Halloween Messages for Greeting Cards

“Have a blast to remember. Have a blast to scare everyone around you. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

“Don’t get too scared on Halloween and enjoy this unique day which is all about celebrations and fun. Happy Halloween.”

“May the bright and high spirits of Halloween be full of celebrations and screams for you. Wishing you Happy Halloween and lots of treats.”

“Wishing you a very Happy Halloween to remember forever and ever…. Just beware of people around you as they can be very witchy today.”

“Put in all your heart and soul into dress for the most fun day of the year and to scare the hell out of everyone…. Happy Halloween to you.”

“Be safe and lots of fun because this is one day for which we all wait all year long…. Wishing you a fun and Happy Halloween.”

Spooky, Creepy and Scary Halloween Sayings and Quotes
“May this Halloween none of the candies go WAIST because it is no fun dressing devil with lot of weight.”

“Just pretend that you have not recognized the little goblins around you to make this Halloween super fun.”

“When you can see witches go riding on their brooms and the moon laughs with a grin… Just wanted to remind you its Halloween.”

“Crawling, scaring and creeping may not be a good way to have a life but certainly the most fun way to have Halloween.”

“The most amazing thing about Halloween is that all those who are beautiful on the inside are also adored today.”

Happy Halloween Messages for Facebook

“Halloween is a reminder to all of us that devils do exist in this world just like angels. Wishing a very Happy Halloween to all.”

“Get scare and scare others. Make it a Halloween full of screams and shouts for your dear ones. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

May you have a spook-tacular Halloween with your family and friends May you scare everyone like never before.”

“I believe that Halloween is the best holiday of the year because we get to make people scare without getting scolded for it. Happy Halloween.”

“Warm wishes on Halloween to you. May this Halloween be full of shocks for you. Enjoy this day with your gang of ghouls.”

“Happy Halloween to everyone. Put on an innovative costume which has the story to tell this world and make it a scary day for all.”

“I hope that the special day of Halloween does not suck for you like a vampire. Wishing a very Happy Halloween to you.”

“There is no one in this world who has as much fun as a ghost does. So make it a fantastic Halloween to remember. Happy Halloween!!!”

“Today is the day to bring out the kid inside you and dress up in the costumes you love. Wishing a very Happy Halloween to you.”

“October 31st is the day which gives you all the reasons to be weird, so enjoy it to the fullest. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

“Wishing you a very Happy Eve of November 1st….
Wishing you a scary and spooky Halloween.”

“Dress up in the most thrilling costume and scare everyone around you…
Happy Halloween.”

You can either get scared or scare the ones around you….
Wishing you a Happy Halloween.

Wishing you chills and thrills, fun and adventure…..
Best wishes to you on Halloween!!

Wishing you the darkest, scariest and spookiest night of your life……
May you have a chilling Halloween.

Enjoy seeing the horrors of Halloween…..
Enjoy getting scared and also enjoy scaring your loved ones.

Happy Halloween Party Messages

“Let us have some Halloween fun as the good times are soon to begin. Wishing a fantastic day full of treats for you. Have a bewitching night!!!”

“May this dreadful and creepy day be full of some crazy fun and celebrations. Warm wishes on Halloween to you my dear.”

“Sending you warm Halloween wishes to you. May you have an incredibly magical night and a fantastically frightful day full of smiles and laughter.”

“Let us begin the search for the scariest looking costume that can frighten each and everyone around you. Warm greetings on Halloween to you.”

“Let the celebrations of Halloween begin. Let us charge up our broomsticks and put on our deadliest costumes to make this a perfect one. Happy Halloween.”

“I wish that the full moon brings good things in your life and I wish that you are able to scare the hell out of everyone around you. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

“Wishing you more treats and less tricks. Wishing you a Halloween to remember with your family and friends dressed up in something that no one can recognize you.”

“No matter it is trick or treat, you will always be a sweet person. Warm greetings on Halloween to you my dear.”

Happy Halloween Messages for Coworkers

On this special day, I only wish that your Halloween doesn’t suck…. I wish that it is not a VAMPIRE…. Happy Halloween to you.

Let us become ghosts and let us vanish from work to have the best time on Halloween…. Wishing you spooky times my dear coworker!!!

I know for sure you are going to make the best zombie, scariest vampire and funniest skeleton…. Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Skeleton read this Halloween message and laughed because it tickled his funny bone…. Happy Halloween my co-ghost!!!

All the werewolves, vampires, ghosts and zombies want to send you best wishes on Halloween and wish that you don’t beat them in scaring people.

Wishing you a Halloween that is full of screams…. Wishing you a festive season full of horrifying horror Halloween to you.

Halloween is the time when you step out of your serious formals and embrace some dirty monstrous costumes to have fun times and create memories for life.

The biggest monster for you is procrastination…. I wish this monster inside you lives you more and you dress for a fun monster look on this Halloween.

Candies and sweets….. tricks and treats…. The most beautiful memories of childhood times on Halloween….. Let us relive those memories by dressing weird and be a kid again.

Don’t let your work become your monster….. Take a break from work and dress like the deadliest monster in the town….. Wishing you a spooky Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Business Card Messages for Clients

There is surely some magic in the night when pumpkin glows by the moonlight….. Wishing a Happy Halloween to you.

May the season of fall bring along amazing adventure and fun for you….. May you have a killing Halloween this year.

Halloween is the best time to enjoy a good break from monotonous life by enjoying the monstrous night…. Happy Halloween!!!

May tonight be the darkest night of the year….. Wishing you a spooky and deadly night with your loved ones….. Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Happy Halloween to the spookiest people in the town…..
May you don’t get scared but you scare many people this year.

May you have a house full of screams and scary stories, ghosts and witches adding the much needed spark to your life….. Have a Happy Halloween.

I wish that your Halloween is surrounded with chilly, spooky, ghostly witches and vampires who don’t suck all the fun of your Halloween.

Sending best wishes on Halloween to our clients…..
Wishing you spooky fun times with your dear ones.

Be on the lookout for something scary and frightening because it is the horror time of the year…. Have a Happy Halloween.

It is time to get a little playful….. It is time to enjoy tricks and pranks…..
Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Happy Halloween Message to Employees

Beware of the spooky creatures of the night…..
It is Halloween’s eve and they are all set to growl and bite… Happy Halloween .

Wishing you a good time with your family and friends…..
May you fit perfect with the evil vampires and deadly witches….
Best wishes on Halloween!!!

May you have a great time hanging out with your dearest friends because it is the best time of the year….. It is Halloween!!

May this Halloween be full of magical surprises to you…..
Wishing you a great celebration full of treats…. Have a Happy Halloween.

Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween…..
Wishing you good, happy and memorable times with your loved ones!!!

Having you as a part of our organization is surely the sweetest treat…. Best wishes on Halloween to the staff.

It is time to wind up all the pending things and get ready for a fun and crazy Halloween.

A very Happy Halloween to all the employees…..
Wishing you happy times with your loved ones.

Witch-ing all the employees a spook-tacular Halloween…..
Have an awesome celebration with your family and friends!!!

Smiles will turn into growls…..
Because it is Halloween time….. Have fun!!!

Everyone is going to get wild and spooky…..
Lets gear up for Halloween celebrations.

Wishing a ghoulish Halloween…..
Have an awesome treat time with dear ones.

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