Good Night Message To Love

Someone from heaven is surely
will have been seen at me bcz
they have given me the most beautiful angel
in this world that are u my love.
Good Night.

Stars are nothing without their light,
Moon also nothing without his moonlight,
Same here I m also nothing without you.
Good Night My Jaanu

A special face,a special smile,
a special someone, a special hug from me to u,
a special person, I found in u,
Sweet Dreams & Good Night…

Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile,
Thinking of you makes me smile,
Being with you is the best thing ever,
And loving you is what I’ll do forever..
Good night! Sweet Dream!

When you sleep, you look so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at you. The silence of the night reminds me of how deeply I’m in love with you.

Good night my love! I wish to be with you even in my dreams. Because you make them colorful for me!

Your smile makes me so crazy; your sorrow makes me so hurt. But I always want to see you happy every day and every night. So baby, good night and be happy always.

When the nights are dark and the times are hard; darling, don’t be afraid, because I’ll be with you through all the good and bad.

It doesn’t matter how far you are from me; your thoughts are always with me. You are the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing at night.

Darling you are always on my mind. It’s too hard for me to spend these beautiful nights without you. I’m thinking of you! Good night!

Close your eyes and I hope we will meet soon in the dreamy world. Wishing you good night with so much love and a warm hug!

Good Night God SMS

Never blame a day in Ur life.
Good days give u HAPPINESS.
Bad days give u EXPERIENCE.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
Good Night.

When GOD takes away
something from your hand,
dont think He’s punishing u…
he is merely emptying ur hand,
for u 2 receive something better.
Have Faith!!! Good Night!!

GOD never takes a day off to
Guide &
us in every moment of our lives
may his presence be with you
today and always
Good Night

Close your eyes,
Concentrate your mind &
Pray to god about the things
That you want most.
GOD must fulfill your prayer.
Have a nice sleep.

Whenever you are going through a bad time
in your life and you wonder. Where is Allah?
Just remember that the teacher is
ALWAYS quiet during the test
Have faith on GOD.
**Good Night**

God in paradise, God above,
please ensure the companion I adore.
Sent with a grin, Sealed with a kiss,
I cherish my companion who’s perusing this.
God Bless You dear.

Journey to God begins with
one little advance at any given moment.
He doesn’t anticipate that you will run the mile
yet HE guarantees to give you quality to take care of business.
God Bless! Good Night. Sweet Dreams.

In God’s eyes, love is never truant.
In God’s heart, pardoning is never outlandish.
In God’s grip, nobody is ever alone or overlooked.
God Bless! Good Night.

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds
of blessings on earth each day…
and I just caught one that’s so nice and true…
it’s YOU!
Love you and Good night.

PRAYERS are the hidden STRENGTH
and ENERGIES of our lives
that gives us mental, emotional and
spiritual walk and talk through with Almighty

When my arms can’t reach people who r close to my heart,
I always hug them with my prayers.
May God grant you what your heart desires and keep you happy..
Good Night