Happy Onam Messages

Happy Onam Messages
Onam is the celebration of glorious past…. An inspiring past of King Mahabali which was full of happiness and prosperity. It is the reminder that we have the power to create the same tomorrow with our efforts. Wishing you all a very prosperous and Happy Onam.

May the spirit of Onam always brighten our lives with unmatched joy and glory. On this auspicious occasion, I wish you and your family good fortune, peace and prosperity which will last in your life for a year. Sending beautiful wishes to you on Onam. May God bless you.

May this festival of Onam, you and your family are blessed with the best of health and happiness. May your life shine bright with knowledge and success. May you achieve all your dreams with your efforts. Wishing you a wonderful and bright Happy Onam!!!

On this beautiful occasion, I pray that the spirit of Onam always infuse your life with unmatched joy and success for the year to come. May your entire life is blessed with love for your near and dear ones and warmth of their relationship. Greetings to you on the occasion of Onam.

Onam is the occasion to celebrate with family and friends. It is the day to decorate your home and hold feast for your loved ones. Let us always remember the true essence of Onam and work to bring glory in our lives. Have the best time with your loved ones and have a blessed Onam!

Let us celebrate the colorful festival of Onam with warmth and peace…. With music and dance… with fun and feast…. With happiness and togetherness because this is the time to come together and indulge in happy times with loved ones. Wishing you a very Prosperous Onam!!

Onam is not just the festival to enjoy but also a moment of pride, a moment to reincarnate the glorious past blessed with good fortune and success. With a hope that those good days come back again, I wish you and your dear ones a wonderful and Happy Onam my dear.

On this beautiful occasion, I pray that God bless you and your family with a colorful life… brighten home with smiling lights and blessings of Almighty. May you are showered with all the happiness and prosperity. May that smile never face. Warm wishes on Onam to you.

Wishing that love and togetherness of your family and friends may never fade from your life…. May you all spend moments of joy, peace, success and prosperity together. May you have gala celebrations on the auspicious occasion of Onam,. A very Happy Onam to you.

Onam is the day to remember the beautiful kingdom of King Marvel. He who treated everyone equal… where there were no lies, no betrayals, no thefts and no negativity. May God bless us again with such a wonderful king and kingdom. Warm wishes to you on Onam!!!

Let us wish our loved ones a very Happy Onam and get drenched in festivities and happiness!!

The joy of Onam doubles when you have your family and friends around you to make it a happy occasion.

Onam reminds us to thank God for all the happiness and prosperity, it reminds us that happiness lies in togetherness.

The real essence of Onam lies in celebrations and positivity….. Let us make it a Happy Onam for everyone around us.

Onam is here and it is time to enjoy festivities and celebrations, feast and enjoyment with loved ones.

May the colours and brightness of Onam fill your home and life with new energies and eternal happiness….. Happy Onam!!!

May the spirit of Onam surrounds each and everyone with positivity and remains in everything you do, anything you think….. A very warm Onam to all!!!!

No greeting card to send, no gifts and flowers to send, no sweets to give….. I just have my best wishes to send to your family and friends on Onam.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous year ahead….. Wishing you a very Happy Onam!!!

Sending my warmest wishes and joyous blessings to you and your family on the auspicious occasion of Onam.

Happy Onam Messages for kids and Children

“Happy Onam to all the children. Let us celebrate this day by thanking for all the things we have been bestowed with.”

“Onam is the harvest festival which celebrates bounty crop. Let us express our gratitude to King Mahabali. Happy Onam. “

“On the occasion of Onam, we wish all the kids a blessed and beautiful festive occasion full of celebrations and goodness. Happy Onam.”

“May God bless you all with new hopes and new dreams. May you always work hard to achieve your goals with the blessings of God. Happy Onam.”

“May the festival of Onam bring along many more opportunities to embrace success and shine bright in life. Happy Onam to all the children.”

“Wishing all the kids a very Happy Onam. May you are blessed with beautiful celebrations and lots of happiness and goodness in life.”

“On the occasion of homecoming of King Mahabali, let us spread love and joy. Wishing a very Happy Onam to all the children.”

“May your dreams and future be as bright and as beautiful as the pookalam. Happy Onam to all the students.”

“May all the students are blessed with the power to achieve all the goals in life. Wishing a very Happy Onam to all the students.”

“May the festival of Onam bring along lots of joy for you and bless you with a life full of happiness. Happy Onam to the students.”

“There is nothing impossible in this world and with the blessings of King Mahabali, there is nothing that you cannot achieve in life. Happy Onam to all the students.”

“Wishing a very Happy Onam to the students. May you always keep working hard like a farmer works hard to get the bounty on the occasion of Onam.”

“Let us take inspiration from pookalam to always come together and work hard for our dreams with dedication. Happy Onam to students.”

“You are truly blessed to be getting the opportunity to study and therefore, you must thank God for it and always work hard to make your dreams come true. Happy Onam.”

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