Happy Sharad Purnima Messages

Happy Sharad Purnima Messages
✐ Let Us Embrace And Enjoy
The Divine Rays Of Moon On Sharad Purnima
Which Are Here To Bless Us
With Health And Prosperity.
Sending My Best Wishes On This
Pious Occasion To You And Your Loved Ones.
Happy Sharad Purnima.

✐ Let Us Make The Most Of Sharad Purnima By Spending Time Under The Divine Rays Of Moon.
Happy Sharad Purnima.

✐ Sharad Purnima Is That Auspicious Day When Moon Showers Us With Its Choicest Blessings.
Happy Sharad Purnima.

✐ On The Occasion Of Sharad Purnima,
The Full Moon Comes To Shower
The Blessings On Us And Leave Us
With A Happy And Joyous Year Ahead.
May You Have A Happy Sharad Purnima

✐ On The Night Of Full Moon Poornima.
Goddess Laxmi Will Come And
Will Ask You Kojagiri And Will
Give You Blessings And Property
To You And Your Family.
Happy Kojagiri Purnima.

✐ When Full Moon Comes To Bless Us.
It Is Also The Time When Krishna
Had Its Maha Raas Lila.
A Time Of Beautiful Fragrance
Of Love And Celebration.
Happy Sharad Purnima.

✐ “May the brightness and calmness of Sharad Purnima stay with you forever and bless your life with eternal joy and happiness…. Happy Sharad Purnima.”

✐ “Wishing you a blessed, beautiful and Happy Sharad Purnima…. May with the bright moonshine, come along many blessings for you and your loved ones.”

✐ “I pray for your happiness and health…. I pray for your success and prosperity…. I pray for a blessed Sharad Purnima for you and your family.”

✐ May Maa Laxmi come in your home and bless you with prosperity on Sharad Purnima.

✐ Sharad Purnima ko aap aur aapke parivar par Som Ras barse aur sukh samridhi ki Varsha ho.

✐ Aao saath milkar Purna Chandrama ka aashirvad sir niva kar paayein aur Jeevan ko samridh banayein.

✐ Sharad Purnima is that auspicious day when Moon showers us with its choicest blessings.

✐ Let us make the most of Sharad Purnima by spending time under the divine rays of Moon.

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