Good Morning Love Messages

Good Morning Love Messages

Good Morning My Dear
Wish I Have You Here
But Even As You Are Over There
In My Heart You Are Here
Have A Great Day For You
I’ll Always Care

Thinking of U…this lovely morning
As the sun starts shining is the perfect beginning.
So my dear charming,
here’s my….Good Morning.
Keep smiling morning till evening.

This morning I wish you
many occasions where people make you laugh.
Times when you stare a the sky and think how blessed you are.
Most of all I wish you a happy good morning.
Good Morning Dear


A sip of morning tea will make you feel good.
The chirping birds will soothe your mind as they should.
Lovely breeze from the mountains will calm you down.
And the entire morning you will have a smile, no frown.
Good Morning Love

It takes only a second for me to think of you every morning,
but the soothing smile you put on my face lasts throughout the day.
Your smile is my inspiration,
Your voice is my motivation,
Your love is my happiness.
I love you dear. Good morning.

Your love has countless pages,
no matter open any page
it shows your love only,
some time has friend, lover, brother,
sister, father mother, husband, wife
but never ends, keep ON & ON,
Good Morning!

You are Daisy to this Donald Duck, Lola to this Bugs Bunny, Olive to this Popeye and Minnie to this Mickey.
You complete me; Love you!

Can’t express
in front of you,
the way I feel when
I think of you.
I am addicted.
Love you so much!

I Love you
Your happiness is everything to me
You’re more important to me than anything else…
You’re a part of me and I’m a part of you.

If you’re asking if I need you
The answer if Forever
If you’re asking if I’ll leave you
The answer is Never
If you’re asking what I value
The answer is You
If you’re asking if I love you
The answer is I Do.

When I met you, I had no ideas
where our relationship
would lead us,
how beautiful you would make my world.
But now I know without a doubt
the luckiest day of my life
was the day that I met you.

Loving you has taught me patience, given me virtues and everything else that I wanted in my life.
Your love is a bliss darling!

Perhaps your and mine souls are made up of the same material this is why you understand me more than the whole world.
Love you so much!

The language of love is the easiest perhaps because you understand everything which I leave unsaid.
Love you!

To love you is to know
that there’s always one thing
I can be certain of-
someone who cares about me.
Share my dreams,
Someone who listens to my worries
who laughs at my jokes,
who always has
my best interests at heart
Someone who knows
what my true happiness is.

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