Good Morning Weekend Blessings

Good Morning Weekend Blessings

Life was going so hard! For shaking and chilling us the weekend comes again! Let’s ensure the maximum pleasure from the highly expected day. Have a blessed weekend!

As the week gives way for the weekend, may your soul be replenished. May your hands be re-strengthened and may you’re the whole of your being be rejuvenated. Have a blessed weekend.

This weekend, may you be refreshed spirit, soul and body. May every worry disappear and give way to lasting peace. May your joy be full like never before. Have a blissful weekend.

As you rest this weekend, may you be enabled with all you need to reinvent yourself. May you receive fresh ideas and inspirations to pilot you in the week ahead. Have a peaceful weekend.

May the Lord settle every of your fears and heart cry this weekend. May you enjoy peace like a river. Have a beautiful weekend.

I pray you continue to utilize well the grace of God upon your life. May your oil never run dry. Have an exceptional weekend.

You will accomplish every of God’s purpose and program for your life this weekend. You will fulfill purpose. Enjoy.

May you enjoy fullness of God’s grace this weekend. May you bask in unending joy. Happy weekend.

May all of your experiences this weekend bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Have a happy weekend.

May the beauty of the weekend fill your heart and soul. May you enjoy peace and joy in their fullness. Happy weekend.

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