Engineers Day Wishes

Engineers Day Wishes
✐ To all Engineers across the Globe
And Salute to your great ideas
and innovations that brings up a
better change in our life And Lifestyle.

✐ Undoubtedly its a great day for engineers.
Being engineer to the core,
I want to pay tribute to
Sir M. Visvesvaraya on his Birthday.
And what I believe is,
Engineers are meant to create new world with beauty.
So, long live engineers……
Happy Engineers Day

✐ Everybody says Engineering is so easy that it is just like walking in a park
But only Engineers know that park is called Jurassic Park
Happy Engineers Day

✐ May this day be the most memorable day for you with your manager asking you to complete two-day work within a day without mercy. Wishing you the greetings of your special day. Happy Engineers’ Day

✐ “Thanks for bringing more comfort into our lives and making us kind of lazy. Happy Engineers Day.”

✐ “Three cheers for engineers who have made this world a better place to live. Happy Engineers Day.”

✐ “Wishing a very Happy Engineers Day to the engineers who are working hard each day.”

✐ “Warm wishes on Engineers Day to the minds who are constantly working and don’t know what resting is.”

✐ “Wishing a very Happy Engineers Day to all those smart minds who are constantly exploring the opportunities to create something new, for a better life.”

✐ “Sending you lots of wishes on the occasion of Engineers Day…. Without engineers, the lives of all of us would have been so much different and difficult.”

✐ Wishing a very Happy Engineers Day to the engineers who are mostly clueless about pursuing this course.

✐ “We always knew that one day you will become an engineer because of your love for machines, your intelligent mind and your creativity…. Wishing you a very Happy Engineers Day.”

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