Memorial Day Messages

They gave their lives for the honour of the country and therefore, we must honour them today and every day. Happy Memorial Day.

Wishing a very Happy Memorial Day to all. This day will remind that that we are so fortunate to have such brave and strong army men in our country.

Today is the day when we extend warm thank you to the real heroes of our country. Today is the day when we celebrate Memorial Day.

Don’t let their sacrifices fade away with passing time but always keep them fresh in your memories to thank them. Happy Memorial Day.

We don’t have enough words to thank the men and women who died saying our nation. Warm wishes on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is all about remembering the national heroes, it is all about thanking the brave soldiers. Wishing a very Happy Memorial Day.

Let us come together to pay homage to those who died to leave us with a free nation. Happy Memorial Day.

Many military personnel died and that is how we got our freedom. Let us respect it to respect their sacrifices. Happy Memorial Day.

On the occasion of Memorial Day, let us come together to promise ourselves that we will strive together to make it a better country each day.

We have not given our lives for the country but we always have a chance to contribute to our country in various small ways. Happy Memorial Day.

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