New Year Day Wishes

New Year Day Wishes
✐ Best wishes are sent your way
May you find happiness each day
Wish you wisdom health and cheer
Wish you a wonderfully Happy New Year.

✐ May each day of the coming year be vibrant and cheerful. May each day bring along many reasons for smiles and celebrations.
Happy New Year!

✐ My wishes for you,
Great start for January,
love for February,
peace for March,
no worries for April,
fun for May,
joy for June to November,
happiness for December,
have a lucky and wonderful year

✐ May the New Year give you loads of reasons to celebrate and have wonderful days that are filled with laughter and gaiety.
Happy New Year

✐ May every day of the New Year glow with good cheer & happiness for you and your family
Happy New Year

✐ May the gift of love, happiness, peace, and warmth be yours as you make a new start.
Happy New Year!

✐ May the journey of new year be
filled with new opportunities,
Your days be bright with new
hopes and your heart be happy with love!
Happy New Year!

✐ May the stars shine upon you,
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears,
and above all,
May this New year be wonderful!
Happy New Year!

✐ New Year begins, let us pray that
it will be a year with new Peace
New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,
God bless you throughout the new year.
Happy New Year!

✐ Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t get Fear
Because, God Gift us a “Brand New Year”
Happy New Year!

✐ May The Year
Bring for YoU Happiness,Success and
filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness
of your Family & Friends….
Wishing You a…Happy New Year!

✐ I wish You to have a
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvelous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have a great Year.

✐ May this new year bring many
opportunities to your way,
to explore every joy of life & may your resolutions
for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into
great achievements.
Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

✐ My wishes for you in this New year
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful New Year.

✐ This year 2020
Your minute is your hour is your day is your week is your month is your year.
If you want to make this year better, make each minute better.

✐ May the present year end
on a cheerful note and make way
for a fresh and bright new year.
Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

✐ Go ahead & Welcome 2021
May you explore new opportunities
May you get exceptional reward
Happy New Year!

✐ Wishing you a Happy New Year, bursting exciting opportunities
Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead.

✐ Have a Happy New Year’s Day
Also, have a lot of happy days ahead in the year.
Stay healthy and blessed!

✐ What a growth you achieved You deserve every bit of it
May you do good again
Happy New Year!

✐ May lights guide you home and lead you to the most positive destination at the beginning of the year.
Happy New Year!

✐ May the New Year start with fresh joys and and a life filled with peace. May you get warmth and togetherness and prosperity too.
Happy New Year!

✐ Colourful like the rainbow and brilliant like the sun
Fragrant as roses and filled with cheer and fun
Wishing you a Happy New Year

✐ May the new year bring new hopes, new aspirations, new joys and and new successes in your life’s journey.

✐ On the way to success, the rule is, always to look ahead.
May you reach your destination.
May your journey be outstanding.
Happy New Year

✐ May you have a great year filled with immense happiness and luck! Stay in good health and achieve greater heights of success. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


✐ “I hope that the new year will be the best year of your life. May all your dreams come true & all your hopes are fulfilled!”

✐ “I hope that the new year will be full of positivity for you. Its time to embrace the joys it is bringing for you. Happy new year!”

✐ “A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.”

✐ “Wave goodbye to the old & embrace the new with full of hope, dream, and ambition. Wishing you a happy new year full of happiness!”

✐ “Another wonderful year is going to end. But don’t worry, one more year is on the way to decorate your life with unlimited colors of joy!”

✐ “Remember all the good memories you have made and know that your life will be so full of wonders in the coming year. Happy new year!”

✐ “I hope your life will be full of surprise and joy in the new year that’s about to begin. May You be blessed with everything you want in life.”

✐ “May the 12 months of the new year be full of new achievements for you. May the days be filled with eternal happiness for you & your family!”

✐ “Its time to decorate your life with the colors that this new year has brought for you. May your life shine brighter than a thousand lightning stars!”

✐ “May the joys of the new year last forever in your life. May you find the light that guides you towards your desired destination. Happy new year!”

✐ “May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already & you’re going to have another more amazing one!”

✐ “Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome, 2020 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year.”

✐ “New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year!”

✐ “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

✐ “Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year.”

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