Teacher’s Day Messages

Teacher’s Day Messages
✐ T: Talented
E: Elegant
A: Awesome
C: Charming
H: Helpful
E: Efficient
R: Remarkable
Happy Teachers’s Day!

✐ Teacher, you have always challenged me
to work hard and get good grades.
I will always remember you.
Happy Teacher’s Day!

✐ Teaching Teaches Other Professions
is the only profession
which teaches you to understand
all the other professions.
Happy Teacher’s day!!

✐ Teaching Is Leaving A Vestige Of One Self
In The Development Of Another.
And Surely The Student Is A Bank Where
You Can Deposit Your Most
Precious Treasures.
Happy Teachers Day

✐ We Are The First Teacher Of Our Child…
We Teach Them Values,
Teach Them To Smile,
Love, Care, Respect And To Be A Good Human Being
So Happy Teachers Day To All The Mummies..

✐ “Each and everything you taught us has helped us in many ways to live life and to be successful in life…. I am thankful to you for all your teachings and I wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day.”

✐ “The best teacher is the one who knows how to bring out the best in his student and I must say that I am very fortunate to have you as my teacher…. Best wishes on Teacher’s Day.”

✐ “To the teacher who made difficult chapters so easy to learn, boring lectures so interesting to hear…. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day!!!”

✐ “All the success that I have earned today is because of you…. Thanks for all your teachings and guidance, faith and support…. Happy Teacher’s Day sir.”

✐ “It is true that the fate of the student depends a lot on the kind of teacher he gets in life and I must say that I have been very lucky…. Happy Teacher’s Day.”

✐ “It is kind of strange for a student to say this but each day I used to look forward for your lectures because they were so full of knowledge and hope…. Best wishes on Teacher’s Day.”

v“On the occasion of Teacher’s Day¸ I want to thank you for seeing the spark in me and supporting me through the most difficult times of my life…. Happy Teacher’s Day to you.”

✐ “When I think of a teacher, you are the only one I think of you….. Whatever you have taught me for all these years has made me successful…. Warm wishes on Teacher’s Day.”

✐ “Whatever I know today is all because of you….. you know how to put forward knowledge to students so that they absorb it with utmost ease…. Happy Teacher’s Day.”

v“To the teacher who is very special…. I wish a very warm and Happy Teacher’s Day…. You are truly the biggest source of inspiration for me.”

v“When I was aimless in life, you connected me with my goals and directed me to work hard to achieve them…. Best wishes on Teacher’s Day to the best teacher.”

✐ “Teaching is one such profession which teaches all the other professions…. Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day and a big thank you for being such a great teacher.”

✐ “There are many teachers we come across but there are very few who touch our souls…. To one such incredible teacher, I wish a very Happy Teachers Day.”

✐ “Each and every word that you have said to me has so much wisdom and meaning in it that it changed me life for good…. Wishing a very Happy Teachers Day to you.”

✐ “Today is the day to celebrate the amazing patience a teacher has, the amount of sacrifices she makes for her students…. To one such teacher, I wish a very Happy Teachers Day.”

✐ “Fortunate are those who find great teachers in life…. They find a mentor for life who is always there to guide them to the right path….. Wishing my best teacher on Teacher’s Day.”

✐ “You are the one, who hold my hand first and teach me the words and phrases; you are the one who brings my creative nature forth and give me the way for the future. Through the smile and the joy, you win the heart of all.”

✐ Dear Teacher, you have been my guiding light who inspired me to touch the sky and catch the stars. You taught me never to get scared of making mistakes and never to give up. Thanks for everything and thanks for being such a strong support. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

✐ You have always enlightened me with your intelligence and wisdom and helped me transform. You worked on me with complete dedication and helped me improve and make my future bright. I thank you for everything and wish you Happy Teacher’s Day.

✐ On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I pray for a joyous and comfortable life for you. I want to thank you for the smallest of the things you did to shape up my future. My success and prosperity is dedicated to you. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

✐ Life is much easier with a teacher like you. Your wisdom has enlightened me when I was lost. Your guidance helped me find my goal and your confidence in me helped me reach my targets. On this special day, I wish you the best of health and happiness. Happy Teacher’s Day!!

✐ Teachers are the ones who teach us, share their knowledge with us, take care of us and always look forward for our success. Dear Teacher, you are the one who gave purpose to my life. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Wish you happiness and health for life.

✐ No matter where I go, what I do, your teachings will always reflect in my actions and your memories will always be fresh in my heart. I express my heartfelt gratitude to you on the occasion of Teacher’s Day which is dedicated to wonderful teachers like you. Thank you!!

✐ The greatness of a teacher lies in his ability to connect with children and motivate them… you been that magical teacher in my life who came as an angel and brightened it with knowledge. I wish your prosperous, healthy and joyous life. Wishing you a wonderful Teacher’s Day.

✐ Teachers are like parents who are always happy with your success. They are the ones who help you selflessly and motivate you to move towards a better future. I would always be grateful for your guidance at every step of my life. Happy Teacher’s Day to the best teacher in the world.

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