International Youth Day Slogans

International Youth Day Slogans

“There is only one chance for you to be young, make the most of it!!!”

“Youth is the energy of the nation, the future of a country.”

“When we are wild, we are crazy, we are full of energy…. We are young.”

“Youth in itself is a talent but this talent perishes with time.”

“Youth is the gift given to all by nature, value it and use it wisely.”

“The nation which has a smart and intelligent youth, certainly has a bright future.”

“Young people need models to follow and not critics around them.

“Young and high-spirited decide the future of a country….. They have the power to bring in the change.”

“Youth doesn’t not have any age but they have all the passion, energy and hope!!!”

“Youth which is handled right, guided right has the potential to bring all the difference.”

“It takes really very long to become young and therefore, you must enjoy it the right way.”

“The world’s biggest strength lies in the youth.”

“Youth lives life on hopes of future and old age lives it on past memories.”

“Youth is the most beautiful phase of life, make it the most memorable one.”

“Youth is not just about enjoyment and merriment but also about becoming responsible and wise.”

“Be what you want to be because youth has the power to make dreams come true.”

“There is nothing in this world which can match the determination and zeal of youth.”

“Learn from your past but live in your present and dream for your future.”

“Youth would have been a perfect phase had it come a little later in our lives.”

“The future lies with the youth, let us support them in their dreams.”

“Youth with a clear direction is the promise of the bright and happy future for all.”

“The youth has the power to challenge the issues in the society.”

“The energy of the youth is unmatched and has the potential to bring the change.”

“Make the optimum utilization of youth for a prosperous tomorrow!!!”

“Youth of a country is like the strongest blessing…. They can dream and make every dream come true.”

“Youth is the combination of high-energies, intelligent brains and smartness…. The formula for success for any country!!!”

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