National Youth Day Quotes

National Youth Day Quotes

“The duty of the youth is to be responsible towards themselves, their families, society and the nation.”

“Youth is young and has no age…. They have unmatched energy and zeal…. They have the power to bring the change.”

“The future of a nation is defined by the youth population…. Country with youth has the best resource to grow.”

“Youth is the best time of life and what you make of this time will decide the course of life for you.”

“Anything that makes you feel weak in any way, reject it as poison.”

“A frank and brave, clean-hearted and courageous youth is what a country needs for a stronger foundation and future.”

“Problems and opportunities are a part of our lives and we must face them both with a positive mind.”

“The energy and dreams of youth have the power to empower the future. Stay positive and stay happy.”

“If the energies of youth are put in the right direction, there is nothing more a country would need to progress and prosper.”

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