Best Valentines Day Short Messages

Best Valentines Day Short Messages

Love is in the air, I must confess it is always with me right here, you my love, never go way,
Happy Valentine’s Day

You fill my life with Color!
I Love You.
Happy Valentine’s Day

You’re the perfect definition of love for me, darling!
Happy Valentine’s Day

I will always care for you. Even if we’re not together and even if we’re far, far away from each other.

Let’s start a journey till eternity full of love and blessings together.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t know what my future holds but one thing I am certain that I want you in it.

Let’s spend the day together
Let’s spend the night too
Happy Valentine’s Day Love

You are my day, you are my night!
You are my oasis
You are my life
Love you!
Happy Valentine’s Day

You are my absolute world. I don’t need anyone else to love me.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sweetheart you taught me the meaning of love and how to love,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is just a word until someone walks into your life and makes you feel its meaning. Happy Valentine’s Day darling!

The best part of celebrating Valentine’s Day is that it gives me an opportunity to express all my love for you! I Love You!

I know this sounds really cheesy but loving you is way too easy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

Valentine’s Day to me is all about loving you, kissing you and making you smile throughout the day.

Every moment I spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Even in the coldest weather you warm me with your love and warmth.
Happy Valentine’s Day

You are wise and know the way.
Thank you for loving me like no one has ever loved anyone.

You are flower with its unique fragrance
Undiluted and pure to the core.
Keep loving me.

God has created you only for me,
Because he knows no one can love you more than me!
Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s to the sweetest person on this planet.

The journey of love is interesting because of your company.
I Love You.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our love is everlasting and eternal which is never ever going to fade away…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

The best things in life are not things they are people like you.
I Love You!…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happiness is marrying your best buddy!

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely Valentine!

Life with you is bliss.
I want to live each day with you forever and ever.
Happy Valentine’s Day,my love!

Every time you kiss me my heart takes a leap. Wish I could kiss you often.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had been dreaming about you even before I met you, I am glad I found my dream.
I love you!

Every time I think about you, my heart skips a beat I can’t focus on anything,
my love!
Without you there would be no me.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know damn well we’d go crazy without each other.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are my LOVE, my life, my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Words can’t express how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is the day we celebrate all of the infinite love we share. You own the key to my heart!
When I first saw you my heart skipped a beat and that was the moment I realized you are the one. Happy Valentine’s Day!

“It’ll always be you!”
Happy Valentine’s Day.
You walked it like the sun of my life driving all the dark clouds away. Love You.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the reason for my existence in this loveless world.
Love you so much my valentine!

This Valentine’s night, hold me like there is no day tomorrow… Be my valentine forever.
Love you!

Every time I look at you, you set my heart on fire.
Be mine forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

While being in love with you I have realized every day is Valentine’s for us.
Love you a lot!

Before your arrival in my life, Love was just a letter for me. Love you so much my valentine!

The day our eyes met I was so sure I will end up being your wife.
Happy Valentines Day, love!

Thanks for holding my hand and also my heart at my worst. Love you so much, my love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

On a cloudy day be my sunshine. Stay with me forever my lovely Valentine.
Lots of hugs and kisses!

You are the most awesome head turner in the world. Stay this way and be my valentine!

Being with you is exactly like celebrating life. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Wherever you go you win hearts, please give my heart a permanent space in yours. Happy Valentine’s Day!

After knowing how rare true love is I feel myself so lucky to find it.
Happy Valentines Day!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not,
I can’t think of anyone
I would rather spend the day with but you.

I love you infinite times to the power infinity.
Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

While being in love with you I have realized every day is Valentine’s for us.
Love you a lot!

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