Happy Promise Day Messages

Happy Promise Day Messages

“There is just one promise that I going to make you on Promise Day that I am going to love you every day of my life.”

“On the occasion of Promise Day, I want to give you my word that you will always have a very special place in my heart.”

Romantic Promise Day Messages for Boyfriend

I Love You More than I ever thought I could, I promise to give you all that I have as long as I live. Happy Promise day to you dear.

I swear on anything that I will stand by you no matter what storm comes, no matter if the wind is rough, I will hold your hand and walk with you in all difficult times and joy. Happy promise day to you dear.

Love is an unconditional promise made by heart, which is silent, unwritten and unspoken. I promise you that I will love you all throughout my life and walk with you with your hand held tight. Happy promise day.

Love is a language spoken by heart, seen through eyes, and expressed through words. I promise to love you wholeheartedly and live with you all my life.

“Let us make it a memorable Promise Day for both of us…. Promise me that you will always love me and pamper me forever and ever.”

“To the most amazing boyfriend, I promise that we will make it the most beautiful journey for both of us…. Happy Promise Day.”

“Promise me that you will always remember our good times, our smiles, our laughs, our hugs, our jokes, our bond of love even when we are not together.”

“I promise that I am never going to let you go…. I am never going to leave your hand…. I am never going to stop loving you…. Best wishes on Promise Day to my darling boyfriend.”

“I wish on Promise Day that one day will come when you will make promises to keep and not promise to break…. But no matter what, I will always love you.”

“With all my love, care, affection and pampering, I promise to never let us fall apart…. Love you lots my dear boyfriend and Happy Promise Day.”

“Promise Day is a reminder to never forget to keep making promises because they are a romantic way to add new energy to the bond of love.”

“There is just one promise I want to make and that is I will love you till my last breathe….. Happy Promise Day.”

“My love is the biggest promise that I have made to you and I will always keep it.”
“I will not let our love fade because you are never too old to love.”

Promise Day Messages for Girlfriend

“I stole your heart and I promise to keep it with me all my life…. Wishing a very Happy Promise Day my love.”

“There is just one and only one promise that I want to give you on Promise Day and that is to always love you and take care of you.”

“I make a promise only when I am sure that I can keep it with all my heart and I promise to love you my darling girlfriend…. Happy Promise Day.”

“I pray to God to bless our relationship and give me strength to always keep up with every promise that I make to you…. Best wishes on Promise Day.”

“On Promise Day, I promise that you will find me by your side when it is sunny and bright and also when it is dark and cold…. Happy Promise Day.”

“I promise to be there with you when everyone has left…. I promise to hold your hand when you have lost all the hope…. Wishing a very Happy Promise Day to you.”

“I don’t want to make any promises to you because I want you to trust me with your heart and with your life…. Happy Promise Day my girlfriend.”

“Today we are lovers and tomorrow we will be partners for life…. I promise to surprise you one special day…. Happy Promise Day.”

“You are so special that you only deserve promises well kept and I promise to make that happen.”

“In sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrow, I promise to be there for you forever.”

“Love is one of the most beautiful promises you make and I promise to keep it till my last breath.”

“You are a blessing to my life and I make a promise to myself to always cherish this blessing.”

Happy Promise Day Wishes Messages for Friends

“Friends are like the family you choose and I promise to always stand by you in good and bad times like your family….. Happy Promise Day.”

“I promise that the beautiful colours of our friendship will always stay fresh in our lives…. Have a Happy Promise Day my friend.”

“We have come a long way and I promise that we will have the best of the journeys of our lives with each other…. Happy Promise Day to my friend.”

“On Promise Day, I promise that no one ever will be able to come in between us, no doubts will ever be able to part us…. Best wishes!!!”

“Dear friend, I promise to always be there to share every joke, every sorrow, every laugh and every secret with you even when are miles apart…. Happy Promise Day.”

“I promise that no distance in this world can create difference between us…. Wishing a very Happy Promise Day to my best friend.”

“I call you my best friend because you are truly the best friend a person can have and I promise to always cherish our friendship…. Happy Promise Day.”

“Today I make a promise to you to be always there with you, to understand you and not judge you…. Happy Promise Day.”

“I may not be good at keeping my promises but I am very good at taking care of my friends and I promise to do so every day…. Best wishes on Promise Day.”

“One day we became friends from strangers and one day we made a promise to never part…. Cheers to our friendship!!! Happy Promise Day!!!”

Dear Friend, I cannot promise that everything will be perfect, but I will never leave you no matter what happens. Happy promise day

Dear friend, I cannot promise that I will solve all your problems, but I will standby you in every problem. Happy promise day.

Dear friend, you will be a part of every happy moment and joy. You will be special in my life. Happy promise day

I must have been born on an auspicious day to find a friend like you. I will follow you till the end and be with you. Happy promise day.

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