15 August Independence Day Status for Whatsapp

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1. Being Indian is being fortunate….. Wishing a very Happy Independence Day to those who take pride in being Indian.

2. Love and respect, patriotism and inspiration…..A good citizen of India has it all for his nation…. Happy Independence Day!!!

3. Love for your nation cannot be taught as it comes from within…. Best wishes on Indian Independence Day to every citizen.

4. Consider yourself fortunate to be born in a country like India and don’t forget to celebrate the happiest day, Indian Independence Day.

5. For all those are proud to be born in India, it is the day dedicated to you all….. A very Happy Independence Day.

6. 15th August is here to remind us that we have the responsibility of taking care of freedom of India…. Best wishes on Independence Day.

7. While celebrating Indian Independence Day, don’t forget that that it came after lots of sacrifices and it is extremely precious.

8. For every India 15th August is the most special day on the calendar as it the proudest day for all of us…. Happy Independence Day.

9. To be born in a free country is the biggest blessing for a human….. Salute to India and best wishes on Independence Day.

10. Freedom comes with responsibility just like love comes with respect…. Add more meaning to Indian Independence Day by valuing our independence.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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