Baby’s First Halloween Wishes

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Baby’s first Halloween Wishes
It is your first Halloween my little baby and I wish that you gear to scare everyone and have some fun time.

“Wishing you a very Happy and Memorable First Halloween to my baby….
May you are blessed with lots of candies.”

It is time to put on the scariest monster costume and scare the hell out of everyone around you…. Happy Halloween cutie!!!

Your cuteness has the power to shoo away the deadliest vampires and ghosts….. Have a fun Halloween.

I cannot wait to see you dress in the spookiest Halloween costume and make the first Halloween the most memorable of all times.

Many spooky monsters are on their way to scare you my little munchkin….. Happy Halloween to you.

Sending my best wishes on Halloween to the scariest little monster in the family….. Have a fun time cutie!!!

Halloween is finally here and it is time for spider webs, monster costumes, pumpkins and candies… Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Monsters are all set to come out, so better start collecting the candies before its too late…. Spooky Halloween to you.

I have heard that some zombies are out for a hunt but you don’t have to worry because they will not harm little monsters who are cute like you…. Happy Halloween to my sweet grandkid.

It is time for trick or treat, monster and zombie, fun and entertainment…. Its Halloween time!!! Make the most of it.

The best thing about Halloween is to put in all your creativity in wearing the scariest look…. Happy Halloween!!!

Fearless children are the only cute thing on Halloween which are on the hunt for candies…. Wishing Happy Halloween to you.

Best Halloween Funny Jokes for Child
13. Halloween is very near and so is the fear….. When you hear “BOO” start to run without looking behind.

If you eat all the candies that you have in your kitty then chances are that you might turn into a green coloured monster…. So beware!!!

If you like to party then it is the time to have the best Halloween party by inviting all the ghosts and vampires, zombies and werewolves…. Happy Halloween.

Gear up because it is time to collect candies before you have the monsters stealing them all…. Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Messages for Grandchildren
“When you will dress up in your Halloween costume you will surely look like the cutest monster in the town…. Wishing you Happy Halloween.”

“Wishing a very Happy Halloween to all the kids… It is time to put on your Halloween costume and ring the bell!!”

“Most awaited time of the year is here… Get ready for the tricks and treats to take back home a bag full of candies… Happy Halloween.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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