Be A Dream Bird And Fly High

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Dream Bird

Dream of a bird
I’m a floating boat
in the sea
I’m a flying bird
in the sky
I have dream
like a dream of the bird

We are all Bird
some of us cage bird
some of us free bird
But nobody can realize
that we are a bird

Wings are my eyes
that can dreaming
only the desires
only the desire
never dreaming the sky

What is sky?
sky is only Blue
Sky is only cloud
not only that
Its place of heaven
It is the place of Liberty.

When can I get my
own sky?
When can I flying
in my own heaven?

somebody is coming to
dominate me
Now i stop dreaming
about my own sky
I never forget to dream
Because I’m a Bird
yes I’m a dreaming Bird.

This picture was submitted by Mithil Haldankar.

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