Best and Catchy World Animal Day Slogans

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“Save animals because their extinction is a threat to our survival.”

“We are meant to c-exist we them in this happy world.”

“Animals are the companions of humans and humans must save them.”

“Let us not hurt them but let us love them and save them.”

“If they extinct, they are never going to come back.”

“Let us save them before they are gone far away.”

“Save animals today to save our tomorrow.”

“We have lost many but not we must save all the animals we have.”

“They are dependent on us and we must save them.”

“If you don’t care for animals, you are not a human.”

“Let us not let them get extinct…. Let us save animals.”

“Save Animals for the onus of their safety lies on us.”

“We have destroyed their homes and therefore, we must save them…. Save Animals!!!”

“Animals only love, it is humans who hurt us.”

“There is no one as loyal as animals…. Love them and save them.”

“Let us not treat animals in an inhumane way because we are humans.”

“They also have a heart that beats like us…. Let us protect animals.”

“Animals also have the right to live and we are no one to take that right away from them.”

“Animals must be protected because they form an important part of our ecological balance.”

“They only need our love and must give them what they desire…. Let us save animals.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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