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“Without a girl child in your family, you cannot have prosperity, happiness and glory….. Always respect her and care for her…. Happy National Girl Child Day.”

“On the auspicious occasion of National Girl Child Day, let us promise ourselves to always work towards the safety and development of girl child.”

“She has been ignored for ages but now she deserves all the attention, love and care…. Wishing a very warm National Girl Child Day.”

“On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, I wish that world becomes a better and safer place for the girl child with our constant efforts.”

“The best thing that you can do for a girl child is to give her a safe environment to grow, study and do things she like…. Happy National Girl Child Day.”

“I am truly blessed to have a daughter who is the reason for all my smiles and all my pride…. Wishing a very Happy National Girl Child Day to you my daughter.”

On the occasion of National Day of the Girls Child, let us recognize the rights of girls and also the problems they face around the globe to give them a better life, a better future

Without a Girl Child in Your Family, You Cannot Have Prosperity, Happiness and Glory, Always Respect Her and Care for Her. Happy Girl Child Day.

It has been a long the girl child has been discriminated against. It has been a long that they have been suffering. Let us get their honor back and make it a Happy Day of the Girls Child

The Happiest Moment Is When Your Daughter Is Born and the Happiest Journey Is to See Her Grow.

The world will be a better place to live the day the girl child is as happy as the other gender… Let us work in synergy to make this dream come true. Happy National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day reminds us that it is our responsibility to give them the importance they deserve and work together for their happier lives

Don’t think they are inferior because, in reality, they are superior. Happy Girl Child Day

The Best Thing That You Can Do for a Girl Child Is to Give Her a Safe Environment to Grow, Study and Do Things She Like…. Happy Girl Child Day.

One of the best blessings I’ve at any point gotten is my little girl. Happy Day of Girls

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