Happy Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Messages

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The greatest comforts and everlasting peace are obtained, when selfishness is eradicated from within. Happy Gurpurab.

Have goal and work towards its completion and success. Do not let any hardship, no adversity impact your goal. Happy Gurpurab.

May The Name of WaheGuru, be In Your Heart. May Guruji’s divine love and blessings be with you always. Happy Gurpurab.

May happiness and blessings be in your life as we join together to remember the beloved guru Gobind singh ji. Happy Gurpurab.

May Waheguru bless you with wisdom and peace. Let’s celebrate his birthday and remember all the great deeds he has done.

May Guru Gobind Singh Ji bless you and your family with joy, peace and happiness for eternity; may he inspire us to be a better human being. Happy Gurpurab.

Wish you all a happy and spiritually fulfilling life. May Guruji bless you with his divine blessings.

May the teachings of Guruji bring wisdom and compassion in all the fellow beings. Let’s make our land a happy and peaceful place to live.

Praise of the Waheguru is the raft with the help of which you can cross the worldly ocean.

You can face the challenges of life by following the path laid down by Waheguru. May his blessings be always be showered on you.

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