Happy Meerabai Jayanti Messages

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“Meera Bai will always be remembered for her sacrifices
and her dedication and love for Krishna….
Wishing a very Happy Meerabai Jayanti.”

“On the pious occasion of Meerabai Jayanti,
let us all take inspiration from her to devote ourselves into bhakti of Almighty.”

“Wishing a very Happy Meerabai Jayanti to you….
May she is always there to bless you with
the strength and courage to follow your path.”

“There is nothing in this world
which can match the devotion of
Meera Bai for Shri Krishna…
Happy Meerabai Jayanti to you.”

“Let us celebrate the auspicious
occasion of Meerabai Jayanti
to celebrate the unconditional love
and devotion she had for Murli Manohar.”

“For ages to come, Meera Bai will keep
inspiring all of us with
the purity of her devotion for Lord Krishna….
Warm wishes on Meerabai Jayanti.”

“May we all enjoy the Bhakti ras
with the blessings of Meera Bai
and are always showered with blessings of Almighty….
Happy Meerabai Jayanti.”

“In these busy and stressful times,
Meera Bai will always inspire us to
find peace and happiness in the feet of god….
Warm wishes on Meerabai Jayanti to you.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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