Inspirational Mountain Day Quotes

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“Mountains are always taller, tougher and more intimidating than they ever seem
but they are still valuable places worth exploring and reaching.”

“A mountain is symbolic of the peak of excellence. It is the top of the mountain that all wish to reach as it is a space where one proves to be the greatest in the world while being truly outstanding.”

“Mountains are beautiful as they rise up above the clouds and show just how grand the world can be.”

“Life is like a mountain in that it may seem intimidating but once you climb it and get used to it, you will feel as though you can do anything.”

“Mountains inspire people and show that there truly are amazing things to see the whole world over. There is no telling what can come about when seeing what makes a mountain such a grand and special place.”

“Mountains can be anything one wants them to be. They can be great obstacles that get in one’s way or they can be beautiful things that highlight one’s life and show that anything is possible. It is up to the individual to see which is right and what fits in perfectly with one’s life.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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