International Anti Corruption Day Slogans

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Stop money hunger. Stop corruption.

Corruption is a shame on fame.

Corruption holds no good. Fight it and show your nationhood.

Show your passion to build an anti-corrupted nation.

Anti-corruption… don’t let it remain just a words!

Corruption needs to be stopped. It’s blocking out progress.

Prevent yourself from getting trapped by corruption.

Greed gives rise to corruption. Corruption leads to destruction.

Show your love for nation. Fight against corruption.

Stop money hunger. Stop corruption.

Corrupted people needs to be doomed.

Corruption won’t let our country boom, cuz it’s a doom.

Your needs should be limited, otherwise you might get corrupted.

After you stop corruption, there will be no looking back.

Bribe is a bait. Do not fall in its trap.

Let us save this world from the trap of corruption.

Corrupted people are often fake. Let us fight them for our country’s sake!

No corruption…. No destruction.

Don’t let this corrupted people ruin your country.

Let us raise our voices and take action against corruption.

Your silence may lead to ugly consequences. Raise your voice now?

Seeing corruption around? Stand up against it with bravery?

Show you guts. Corruption can’t snatch our rights.

No corruption. No demolition.

These corrupted people may demolish our country’s wealth.

Stop corruption. Enhance the nation’s development.

Your voice worth so much. We need you to fight against corruption.

Say to corruption… say yes to betterment!

Corruption is a doom. It has got no boon.

One two three. Make your nation corruption free.

Corruption is like a ball of snow which increases in its size with every roll.

The country with more laws is more corrupt and country with lesser laws is a less corrupt one.

Always raise your voice against corruption.

Corruption is killing us all and we don’t even know it.

With corruption, no country or society can progress.

Corruption must end, for mankind to survive.

Corruption is the result of our greed! Let us limit out need.

No corruption… no Lagging behind.

Because you should say no to corruption.

Say no to bribe. Build a corruption free nation.

No corruption… only progress.

Corruption leads to destruction!

Greed is increasing, and so is corruption.

Take my advice, say no bribe.

Bribery is of no good. Stop supporting bribe.

Do not support bribery. Stand up against it with bravery.

Corruption will ruin our country. Kick it away!

Because corruption hinders progress.

Destroy corruption before it destroys you.

Corruption may lead you to destruction.

Let us destroy corruption before it destroys our nation!

Do not let this corrupted folks to engulf your country’s wealth.

Because corrupted people need to be avoided.

Fight against corruption. Build a peaceful and wealthy nation.

Stop corruption before it makes your country empty.

Corruption is not an individual’s problem, it’s the Nation’s problem!

Let us stop corruption before it eats our country’s power.

Corruption will lead our country towards emptiness.

Take part in the nation’s development. Don’t be corrupted.

Stay away from corruption. It’s a curse.

Corruption is haunting our nation. Stop it today and now.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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