International Children’s Day Wishes Messages

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Keep the child in you alive always!
To the child within you.
Happy International Children’s Day

“Children are like the flowers from God sent on Earth…. Let us make this world a happy and safe place for our children…. Happy International Children’s Day.”

“They make us laugh with their jokes, they make us happy with their cute acts, they make us feel wanted in this cold world… Warm wishes on International Children’s Day.”

“The most beautiful thing in this world is that sweet smile on the face of a child…. Let us promise to never let it fade…. Greetings on International Children’s Day.”

“May you work hard and grow up to become good and happy souls in your life…. Warm wishes on Children’s Day.”

“Every year Children’s Day reminds us to keep the child in us alive to enjoy this life to the fullest…. Have a Happy Children’s Day.”

“As we celebrate Children’s Day, I wish the innocence and smile on the kids live forever….. Greetings on Children’s Day.”

“The occasion of International Children’s Day reminds us all that children are to be loved and cared and we must shower them with both.”

“When children are happy, we can be sure that it is going to be a happy world. Let us love them and pamper them. Happy International Children’s Day to all.”

“Children are the hope for the future. They are the energy to our lives. They are the smiles to our faces. Let us keep them safe and happy. Happy International Children’s Day.”

“Childhood is all about being yourself, it is about being innocent and pure at heart, it is about being free and real….. Let us give our children environment where they can live happily…. Happy International Children’s Day.”

“Our life begins with the best phase of our life…. I wish that the sweetness of childhood memories always stay with you….. Happy International Children’s Day.”

“Let us love and respect children. Let us let them be free birds to choose their path. Let us support their ideas and dreams…. Best wishes on International Children’s Day.”

“Let children be free… free to play, free to make mistakes as they are like birds who will learn only when they will be allowed to use their wings. Happy International Children’s Day 2020.”

“A child is a precious treasure and you must take best care of it. Nurture him with love and affection to make a wonderful when he grows up. Wishing you International Children’s Day.”

“Always teach your child to be rooted with the ground and never hesitate in giving him wings. Your love will always bring him back to you. Warm wishes on International Children’s Day.”

“Let these young souls be free. Let them enjoy their childhood times with happiness and innocence as this time is going to come back. Happy International Children’s Day 2020.”

“Children are the most beautiful gifts from God and should always be handled with utmost care and affection. Warm wishes to your kids on International Children’s Day. God bless them.”

“A kid only needs a hug to smile, attention to be happy and your affection to grow up. Never hesitate in giving him all that he needs. Happy International Children’s Day to your children.”

“The best gift that you can give your children is your time. Never compromise in giving them the most beautiful gift which can make their life. Warm wishes on International Children’s Day.”

“Childhood innocence vanishes fast, even before we realize it and the most beautiful chapter of our life becomes a sweet memory. Missing those wonderful days. Happy International Children’s Day.”

“Childhood is one of the most precious things that even money cannot buy and it must be lived to the fullest for it never comes back. Wishing you International Children’s Day.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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