Kargil Vijay Diwas Slogans in English

Kargil Vijay Diwas Slogans in English
“India has given us our identity; let’s serve it till the last breath.”

“You’ve never lived until you’ve been on the verge of dying.”

“Bemoan the fact that you only have one life to devote to your country.”

The soldiers gave their today for our future.

On the battlefield, courage and heroism is the most important trait.

He is a hero who has given his life on the battlefield in the name of the nation greater than himself.

Let us give up our todays in order to provide our children a brighter future.

Only those who are willing to sacrifice their lives by going to battle will be remembered.

Those who stake their lives in the battlefield will bring honour to the country.

Nationalism entails laying down one’s life for one’s country, willing to give up one’s life for welfare of all.

The eagle is unafraid of danger. May we aspire to be like the eagle, with a courageous fighting spirit!

Freedom could not have been achieved without the warriors’ lives being sacrificed.

Bravery is the path to a free nation. No bravery, no freedom.

Standing up to our enemies requires a tremendous lot of bravery and heroism.

If someone snatches your land, fight and bring it back!

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