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A friend is sweet when new, sweeter when true. It is sweetest because it’s you. Hope our friendship continues forever.

A friend is a momentum when you have stopped, a conversation when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.

A true friend is someone who reaches your hand and touches your heart. He will stay with you no matter what happens in your life.

I am thrilled to meet someone like you. I hope we remain friends forever. Your personality inspires me and wish to stay with you as a friend.

For a true friendship to persist, it is not necessary that both the friends are equal, but it is necessary that both understand, support and respect each other.

A bond of trust, A medal of pride, A shoulder in sadness, A hand in loneliness, A special relation to hold, An ear where secrets can be told, An appreciator for success, A jewel never to be lost, Is the magic called F R I E N D.

Fake friends are like leaves all over. True friends are like diamonds, real and rare. Make sure in search for a perfect friend you don’t lose a real friend.

Friendship is not a word to say or a game to play. It does not start on Jan and end in May. It is yesterday, today tomorrow and every day.

Friends are not those who make your problems disappear, but don’t disappear when you have problems.

I am blessed to have a friend who is caring and loving, kind and sharing, loyal and understanding, sensitive yet humorous.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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