World No Tobacco Day Slogans

World No Tobacco Day Slogans
“Tobacco companies are the reason for the death of their best customers.”

Say yes to life by saying no to tobacco.”

“If you wish to save life, you have to quit tobacco.”

“Say no to tobacco, not because you love yourself but because you love your family.”

“You can reject now so that you don’t regret tomorrow…. Say no to tobacco!!!”

“You can either love your family or you can love tobacco.”

“The best and the only way to live life is by leaving tobacco.”

“Old habits die hard but they do die when you have made your mind.”

“A world free from tobacco is a world full of health and happiness.

“Leave tobacco so that you can live happily with your family.”

“To those whom family comes first, tobacco doesn’t exist for them.”

“Smoking takes life…. Cut it out from your life!!!”

“If you love your family then say no to smoking and tobacco.”

” Make this No Tobacco Day more meaningful by keeping it away from your life.”

” Let us have an environment free from smoke so that our coming generations can breathe free.”

“A healthy heart and a happy smile come to your life when you leave smoking.”

“Either smoke can stay in your life or good health…. Choose what you want.”

“You can only dream for a healthier environment if there is no smoke to pollute it.”

“Don’t let your loved ones inhale the air that is infused with your smoke…. Quit it for your loved ones.”

“Health is wealth but with tobacco you cannot earn this wealth.”

“God has given us this life to enjoy and create memories… Say no to tobacco.”

“Find peace and happiness by un-finding tobacco.”

“Quit smoking before it forces the life to quit your body.

“Life is precious and must not be lost in smoke…. Quit Smoking!!!”

“Quit smoking before it kills you and everyone else around you.”

“Those who smoke aren’t just killing themselves but are also killing slow the ones they love.”

Saying no to tobacco is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself.

Tobacco promises lots of trouble and health problems. Quit it!!!

You have to choose one- Health or Tobacco.

If you love your wellness then you can never love tobacco.

Life is so much happier with no tobacco in life.

Let us spread happiness and joy by quitting tobacco.

Anti Tobacco Day reminds us to celebrate life.

Smoking kills not just a man but his family.

Those who love their family never smoke.

Don’t become a slave of smoking.

You are letting smoking drive your life.

Life is much better with no cigarettes around.

Save yourself from smoking.

Quit smoking and live longer.

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