Stop Killing Time

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Stop Killing Time

For our life, we are all given a specific time to realize our dreams and our destiny.
But we do not know that our day is over from day to day. Put this in your head.

You can not buy time, you can not grow time, you can not ask for time. You just lose.
And after we lose, we do not know how much time we have left.

Life time is a mystery.
Being human is a sharp sword on both sides. Because we have more time than other species, but we give ourselves a lot of time to do what we need and to be successful.

To be successful, you need a lot of time. This idea kills time. We use the time badly.
Now, all of us aim; To be successful, to improve ourselves and to be a diamond from the rock world.
But there is no evolutionary pressure will help. Here, the mind must be activated.

To be a diamond; You must create the pressure. To do this; You have to use your time well and know the value of the time.
Stop killing time. Because things change over time and time starts to kill you.

You have the power to prevent the loss of time. But, you also have the power to kill the time. And a lot of us are doing it.
Before you decide, before you act, we need to think about how we spend our time.
We need to focus on what we want to achieve.
Time is the most valuable resource we have.
I can keep my money for later, I can not do my time. I can invest more money, I do not have time for. I can share all my money, but I can not make time.

Stop hurting your life.
Sooner or later, you will realize that the only thing you want is more time. But the worst thing we use; time.
Do not waste your time on things that hurt you the next time. Stop and think why you decided to shorten your life.
Actually, you are killing yourself. This is not a joke.
Because you can not get back the time you spent, so use your time.

Start living your dream life because it is possible.
Pressure builds diamonds. So you must fight.
You have to beat your fears and concerns.
Keep on fighting, keep on progressing, keep believing.

Your dreams are yours. Do not let anybody else stop you.
You will soon have a life of your dreams.
You have to work today, so that tomorrow you can be one step closer to the dream.
And I promise you, one day you will reach your dreams.
You have to learn to use the time intelligently.
Because when you kill time, time kills you.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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