Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving Poem - Be Thankful In LifeDownload Image

Be Thankful In Life

Be thankful for everything you have,
Be thankful for your strive,
Be thankful for the love you have
Be thankful and be glad,
On this joyous occasion today,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Poem - Cheer In The AirDownload Image

Cheer in the air

Lovely color in the air,
Start your day with a special prayer
To say thanks for all the love in life
And thanks for all the strive
Because of which you are there
Wish you a lovely time
Wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Poem - Stay Happy In LifeDownload Image

Stay happy in life

It is the occasion Happy Thanksgiving! to stay happy,
It is the time to smile,
To have fun dinner with family
To spread the cheer and while
It is the occasion to say thanks To almighty lord.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy ThanksgivingDownload Image
As we gather today on this occasion, 
We would like to thank the almighty lord, 
For all the freedom and joy, 
For all the things that we enjoy, 
For all the health and wealth, 
For every stealth, 
For everything that came our way, 
Thank you,
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy ThanksgivingDownload Image
For every morning and the light, 
For all the sceneries and sight, 
For all the food that you give, 
For the sorry and forgive, 
For the love and family, 
For everything to thee,
Thank you lord for superlative life!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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