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1). I feel the happiest to wish you on the most special day of your life and that is today….. May you always entertain us with your stupidity…. Happy Fool’s Day!!!

2). You are requested to not leave your house today because there are people hunting for fools out there and I want to keep you safe.

3). Everything has its day and also every fool has its day…… On your special day, I am wishing you a very Happy Fool’s Day.

4). The best day of the year for you is April 1st because that is the only day which suits you perfect…. Happy April Fool’s Day dear.

5). The difference between a wise man and a dumb man is very simple….. Wise man always sends a message and dumb man always reads it…. Like you are reading my message.

6). When I look into the mirror, I hear the mirror shouting Beautiful! Beautiful! But when you look into the mirror, the mirror shouts Fool!! Fool!!!

7). An accident has taken place and we need your urgent help….. We need one unit of your blood group…. Please do come otherwise that poor monkey is going to die!!!

8). Jan 1st: I looked at her…. Feb 1st: She looked back at me….. March 1st: I told her that I love you….. and one month later she told me that she loves me too and that day was April 1st.

9). A fool is always a fool…. So it doesn’t matter whether it is March 31st or April 1st because he is a fool all 365 days of the year.

10). Being a fool is always better than being intelligent because nothing is expected of you…… Happy Fool’s Day to you.

11). I made fool out of 2 people today…. You want to know how??…………………………..Just like this, and now the count of fools is three.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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