World Chocolate Day Quotes

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“Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”
– Film Forrest Gump

_Hard times and chocolates are one of
the best combinations that we can have.
Happy world chocolate day

_All we need in life is love and
a bit of chocolate would be delightful!
Have some delicious ones on this world chocolate day

_The difference between a friend and
a best friend is that the latter carries
with a chocolate whenever paying a visit!
World chocolate day is here!

_The easiest way to turn off me is
by saying that you hate chocolates.
Eat some more and love chocolates.

_Happiness can be defined by
only one single word- “Chocolate”.
Happy world chocolate day,
enjoy your delicious treat.

_Anything is instantly likeable
with chocolate added to it!

_Making the most of life is at least
having chocolates daily and if possible,
have it with the most loved person of your life.
Happy world chocolate day

_If you want to stay happy and forget
your stress hormones then having a chocolate
is probably the best remedy you can think of.
Eat some great chocolates on this world chocolate day

_The sweetness of a chocolate can remove
all the bitterness that a person has in their heart.
Eat some more on this world chocolate day

_Chocolate is known as edible happiness.
Eat more, it isn’t harmful rather it fights
the effects of sadness and depression.

_The most alluring thing on the planet
is a chocolate that we can see but cannot have.
It initiates waves of emotions that which break us down.
Do not miss out on any on this world chocolate day

_The comfort we get from chocolates
cannot be described with words.
Happy international chocolate day

_If you mistake chocolates as a substitute
of love, you are wrong. Rather, love is a
substitute of chocolate! Happy world chocolate day

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