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Happy World Health Day
Health is the secret of happy life.
Those who are healthy are happy today.

Eat healthy and stay healthy. Happy World Health Day.

Belief cures more than drugs. Happy World Health Day@

Prevention is better than cure. Happy World Health Day

Health is greatest wealth. Happy World Health Day

An unhappy soul can kill you faster than a disease. Happy World Health Day

Eat healthy, exercise regularly, die gracefully. Happy World Health Day

Health is the secret of happy life. Those who are healthy are happy today.

Country will be healthy Only then will Country move forward.

Health gives hope, hope gives life. Stay healthy. Happy World Health day

There is freedom in frees you from illness. Happy World Health day

You can look and feel good, if you have a good health. Happy World Health day.

Staying healthy is physical, emotional, and social. Stay healthy. Happy World Health day

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul is staying healthy. Happy World’s Health day.

Value for your health before it is too late.

Health is the wealth we all need.

Without health, everything is incomplete.

Being proactive with health is always the wise thing to do.

All we need is good attitude towards health.

The journey to good health is not easy but is very rewarding.

We often take too long to realize the importance of health.

A healthy person is certainly the wealthiest person in the world.

Always give importance to your health before anything else.

Don’t take your health lightly.

We often lose health when we are busy accumulating wealth.

Don’t underestimate the power of early to bed and early to rise.

@ Be blessed to be healthy.

If you lose your health once, you cannot restore it with all your wealth.

Burn that extra fat to have a healthier body.

Your wellbeing should always be your prime concern.

Not just a healthy body but a healthy mind is also important.

Health cannot be restored without happiness.

Eat a wholesome diet to stay healthy.

Disease is just a signal that something is wrong in your system.

Eat right to stay fit and fine.

Never take your meals and sleep light.

Health comes first, rest everything can wait.

Eat what is good for your body and not for your tongue.

What you eat contributes to your body.

Health is the wealth we all should focus on.

Don’t be too late in taking care of your health.

Health should be our prime concern.

Always be proactive when your health is concerned.

Being aware of our health is important.

Losing health is losing all the wealth you have.

Care for your health and rest everything will be fine.

Our health needs our attention and care.

Forgetting your health is like forgetting your existence.

Never ever mess with your health or else you will miss it.

Being health conscious is not funny.

People who take their health easy, life takes them easy.

Not being concerned about health is stupid.

Wake up before your health bids you goodbye.

Health comes before anything else.

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