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Radio is something that has been connecting us with the happening around the globe since forever. Happy World Radio Day.

You want music or you want news, you want information or you want knowledge. Everything is available on the radio. Happy World Radio Day.

Today is the day to honour to the most amazing invention in the world which has touched many lives. Warm wishes on World Radio Day to all.

No matter what your age is, no matter where you live, you can always connect with the outside world with radio. Happy World Radio Day to everyone.

Radios are extremely powerful as they can reach to millions of ears and minds at the same time. Wishing a warm and Happy World Radio Day.

FM radio can only run out of one thing and that is time but it can never run out of music. Let us celebrate this beautiful invention on World Radio Day.

No matter how forward the technology gets, there is some other kind of pleasure listening to radio… Wishing you a very Happy National Radio Day.

Whether you are driving a car or cooking something in kitchen, radio is a friend which is always there with you to make every moment a special one…. Happy National Radio Day.

The most perfect way to relax simultaneously when you work is by listening to radio as you do your work…. Warm wishes on National Radio Day.

The most amazing thing about radio is the surprise that it brings along while playing music, the mood it sets in…. A very Happy National Radio Day.

Radios will always be the most special invention by man as it is like a friend which stays with you all the times…. Warm greetings on National Radio Day to you.

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