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“Refugees are ordinary people, much like you and me. Let us recognise them as one of us on World Refugee Day.”

Refugees are fighters. They have survived genocide, rape, and assassination. They are a group of people who are always in a state of struggle. World Refugee Day is an occasion to honour those who have fled persecution.

Nobody goes out of his house without a cause. The circumstances had to be unfavourable for the individual to flee his home and become a refugee. Let us aim to understand that refugees have a specific explanation for fleeing their homes on World Refugee Day.

The living conditions of Refugees are appalling. For food and shelter, they are completely at the mercy of others. World Refugee Day allows us to learn about the refugees’ struggle for survival and food.

Refugees also comprise of children who have been robbed of their childhood and education. Let us remember the child refugees on World Refugee Day.

Let us remember the refugees who had to flee their homes and start a new life in a new shelter on World Refugee Day.

Even if someone is a refugee, he has the right to a dignified life. World Refugee Day allows us to recognise refugees’ need to live a dignified life.

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