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“Refugees are ordinary people, much like you and me. Let us recognise them as one of us on World Refugee Day.”

Refugees are fighters. They have survived genocide, rape, and assassination. They are a group of people who are always in a state of struggle. World Refugee Day is an occasion to honour those who have fled persecution.

Nobody goes out of his house without a cause. The circumstances had to be unfavourable for the individual to flee his home and become a refugee. Let us aim to understand that refugees have a specific explanation for fleeing their homes on World Refugee Day.

The living conditions of Refugees are appalling. For food and shelter, they are completely at the mercy of others. World Refugee Day allows us to learn about the refugees’ struggle for survival and food.

Refugees also comprise of children who have been robbed of their childhood and education. Let us remember the child refugees on World Refugee Day.

Let us remember the refugees who had to flee their homes and start a new life in a new shelter on World Refugee Day.

Even if someone is a refugee, he has the right to a dignified life. World Refugee Day allows us to recognise refugees’ need to live a dignified life.

The world has forced them to leave their homes because nobody leaves their home by choice. Happy World Refugee Day.

We should be kind towards the refugees because they have been forced to leave their homes to survive and stay alive. Have an awareful World Refugee Day people!

The migrants and refugees have gone through a lot and they deserve our kindness and generosity. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!

They may be coming from different places but they are human beings as well and as fellow human beings we should try to protect their basic human rights. Happy World Refugee Day everybody!

Just because they are refugees and they do not have homes, does not mean that they are not human beings. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!

These people have been deprived of the peace that every human being deserves and the least we can do for them is to show them some generosity and give them some love. Happy World Refugee Day everybody!

These are people who have not known peace and love and warmth for a long time and we can all show some kindness to them. Have a happy and an awareful World Refugee Day!

We can all spare a few minutes in showing support to the millions of people who have been forced to move out of their homes and leave their own homelands. Happy World Refugee Day!

We cannot imagine what they must be going through, living each day with no certainty, relying only on hopes that maybe the next day might be better. Happy World Refugee Day!

Refugees are human beings and we should show them some love and support and pray for their best. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!

This day reminds us that there are many people who are in worse situations than us and we should show them some love and support. Happy World Refugee Day!

No matter how bad our day goes, we feel at peace once we are at our homes at the end of the day and these unfortunate people have been without their homes for so long. Be kind and wish everyone a happy World Refugee Day!

We can always show that even with the rising percentage of terrorists, we still have humanity in us. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!

May the Almighty ends the sorrows of the refugees and gives them happiness. Happy World Refugee Day!

The refugees need our help and we should not refuse to help them. Happy World Refugee Day!

We need to change the mindset of society and make them understand that the lives of the refugees matter. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!

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