Creative Catchy Cancer Day Slogans

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Never give up on your hope.

Together we can beat Cancer.

Cancer is not incurable. Let’s fight it!

Let us stand strong and stand together against cancer.

It is a fight between cancer versus humans.

Together we can conquer cancer.

Take cancer as a challenge.

Cancer is the negativity we want out of our lives.

Kick cancer before it kills you.

Love your life and fight cancer.

They fought and they conquered cancer.

There are many inspiring stories against cancer.

Cancer is not bigger than life or hope.

It is your fight with the disease inside you.

Cancer doesn’t have the power to defeat you.

Kill the cancer before it kills you.

Awareness is the way to keep cancer away.

Let us become more vigilant with our health.

Together we can give cancer a tough fight.

Life is all about giving cancer a fight.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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