World Cancer Day Messages

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“Cancer has a treatment…. All you need is support of your loved ones and lots of will power other than medicines to cure it.”

Let us not waste away this day as it is the only day where the entire world is united in the concern for the curing of cancer.

The treatment of cancer is not easy but that does not mean it is impossible. Happy World Cancer Day!

Here’s to wishing all the Bravehearts struggling with cancer all the best. Do not lose hope

This day reminds us of the need to take preventive measures against this disease. So let us not ignore it. Wish all a Happy World Cancer Day!

“On World Cancer Day, let us promise to never surrender or let anyone else surrender to this disease.”

“Cancer is just like any other challenge we face in our lives and we must never give up to it…. Let us fight and be a winner.”

“The sad thing is that we more often hear this word these days and the good thing is that we will end it one day.”

“Never let the disease control you or your life because you are gifted with willpower to fight against all the odds…. Wishing you an inspirational Cancer Day.”

“Let us add more meaning to World Cancer Day by creating more awareness about it…. Let us end Cancer from all our lives!!!!”

“Cancer not only kills the person but also kills the happiness in the family… Don’t let it ruin your loved ones.”

“The fact is that more people fight the Cancer and live beyond it compared to the people who die with it…. Never lose on your hopes.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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