Fight For What You Want

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A Famous Quote Said By Lord Krishna In Bhagvat Gita :
“If You Don’t Fight For What You Want,
Don’t Cry For What You Lost…”
“Nothing Depends On Luck,
Everything Depends On Work
Because, Even Luck Has To Work.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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2 Responses on “Fight For What You Want”

Neel says:

Smita, thanks for sharing this message. Could you tell me which verse of Bhagavad Gita does this message refer to?

Its my pleasure to hear from you 🙂
Actually this is creative quote which match to the following verse from BG

BG 2.33 — अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि।
On the other hand, if you will not fight this righteous battle, then forsaking your own duty and fame, you will incur sin.

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