Happy International Yoga Day Wishes

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“Yoga is a holistic approach to live a healthier life.
I wish you a very Happy Yoga Day”

“No matter what troubles you are facing in life…..
Yoga is the answer to all.
Let us put an end to all the chaos and tensions
in our lives by practicing yoga.
Happy Yoga Day to you.”

“Health and happiness can come together to you
if you practice yoga every day….
Sending warm wishes to you on International Yoga Day
with hopes that you will soon join the wagon.”

“International Yoga Day celebrations are
a reminder that we must focus on our mental
and physical health and work hard to achieve them…..
Happy Yoga Day to you my dear.”

“You are not living your life to the fullest
if you are neglecting your health….
Make the optimum utilization of everything
you have by staying healthy, by performing yoga..
Happy Yoga Day.”

“All those who practice yoga are blessed
with happiness, harmony and growth in life
because it balances your body, mind and soul….
Wishing you a very Happy Yoga Day.”

“Yoga Day celebrations are incomplete
if you don’t promise yourself to make yoga
an integral part of your life,
to have better body, mind and soul….
Warm wishes on International Yoga Day to you.”

“Yoga is the art that helps you bring
calmness to your mind, strength to your body
and settles your soul to help you
live a meaningful life…..
Wishing you Happy Yoga Day.”

“Yoga is not just about performing asanas
but it is about constantly pushing yourself
to do your best and achieving your goals….
Sending you best wishes on International Yoga Day.”

“If you think it is impossible, it is because
you don’t practice YOGA…. Practice Yoga
to take your life to greater heights and
enjoy success… Happy Yoga Day to you my dear.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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