International Yoga Day Messages in English

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“The best way to live life is by
embracing yoga as it helps you strike
a balance between different aspects of your life.
Happy Yoga Day to all.”

“Wishing you a very Happy Yoga Day.
Make your life a much better one
by including yoga into your routine.”

“Warm greetings on Yoga Day to everyone.
When you start doing yoga,
you start experiencing the best of
the changes in your life.”

“If you wish to live your life
to the fullest then yoga is the
one thing you need to make a part of your life.
Wishing a very Happy Yoga Day to you.”

Inspirational Yoga Day Wishes
M “Yoga teaches us the right way to live our lives
and make the most of every moment that we live.
Wishing a very Happy Yoga Day to you.

“You really need to have the zeal,
patience, dedication and discipline
to perform yoga every day.
Warm greetings on Yoga Day to you.”

“Yoga is not just the way to live your life
but it is the key that keeps you healthy and happy.
Wishing a blessed and cheerful Yoga Day to you.”

“Yoga is not meant for everyone because
it is not a causal exercise that can be
performed without perseverance.
Warm wishes on Yoga Day.”

“Yoga not only makes you physically healthy and strong
but it also makes you emotionally and mentally stronger.
Warm wishes on Yoga Divas.”

“The occasion of Yoga Divas reminds us that
we must include this wonderful practice
into our lives to stay healthy.
Warm wishes on this special occasion to you.”

“Let us make the most of Yoga Divas
by promising ourselves that we will perform
yoga on regular basis and make our lives
better and healthier.”

“Wishing a very Happy Yoga Divas to everyone.
Yoga and meditation are the only ways
to achieve the best of the health and wellness.”

Yoga Day Wishes for Yoga Teacher
“Wishing a very Happy Yoga Day
to the most amazing yoga teacher
who has taught us everything
we know about yoga.”

“With all my heart, I thank my yoga teacher
for introducing this practice to me and
changing my life for good.
Happy Yoga Day to you.”

“To me if Yoga Day has any meaning then
it is because of you. Wishing you a very
Happy Yoga Day. May you continue teaching us
yoga and changing our lives.”

“I was in a big mess until
I found my yoga teacher in you
who revived me physically,
mentally and emotionally.
Warm wishes on Yoga Day to you.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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