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“A smile can make you win hearts, help you make new friends
and help you end all the clashes…. Best wishes on Share a Smile Day.”

“Happy Smile Day, become a reason for
someone’s smile…. Bring some happiness
in someone’s life with your sweet smile.”

“Smile is a curve that has the power to bring positivity
and happiness in life….. Keep smiling always….
Happy Smile Day.”

“If you will smile, the world will smile back at you because
there is nothing as beautiful as a smile….
Best wishes on Smile Day.”

“On Smile Day, I just wanted to remind you that
you really look the prettiest when you wear a smile…..
Love you more when you smile.”

“Don’t forget to smile even when you are busy or life is
being a little tough because that is the most beautiful ornament to wear….
Happy Smile Day.”

“A smile is like a chain reaction, you cannot resist
from responding to a smiling face with a smile….
Always keep smiling…. Happy Smile Day.”

“A smile in response to a smile will surely make
this world a more beautiful place to live…..
Don’t forget to share a smile on Smile Day.”

“Let us remind all the serious faces to wear smile because
today is Share a Smile Day, the official day to share smiles.”

“Smile is the most beautiful filler between two strangers,
an expression of happiness between two souls….. Best wishes on Smile Day.”

“Faces which wear a smile always look so beautiful…..
So let the world see your beauty through your smile….. Have a Happy Smile Day.”

“Share you joys, share your happiness by sharing a smile….
Wishing you a very Happy Smile Day full of smiles.”

“A frowning face can never solve a problem,
so it is always better to wear a smile because it can for sure solve many problems…..
Happy Smile Day.”

“Smiling faces and positive souls…. Sad faces are negative souls…..
Always be positive by smiling and spreading smiles….
Happy Smile Day.”

“Those who need a joke to smile are seriously very serious people….
For all others, it is a Happy Smile Day.”

“Don’t be a miser, share smiles today because that is the
best gift to share with anyone and everyone….
Have a Happy Smile Day.”

“Sharing is caring and sharing a smile is truly very caring…..
Sending you best wishes on Share a Smile Day….
May you have a beautiful day full of smiles.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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