Smile Day Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

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“Wishing you a very Happy Smile Day….
May you start each and every day of your life with a smile on your face.”

For you look prettier wearing a smile.
Warm Wishes on Smile Day to you.”

“Smile has the power to add on to your face value….
So add on to your value with your smile.”

“There is one common language across the world and
that is the language to smile and connect with every heart.”

“Smile has the power to end many problems of your life….
Smile and try it yourself…. Happy Smile Day to all.”

“If you are looking for happiness then it is right under your nose….
Smile because that is the first step to find happiness….
Happy Smile Day.”

“Always use your smile to change the world around you
but make sure that the world doesn’t change your smile….
Keep smiling my dear.”

“You are truly gorgeous but you look more beautiful
when you are wearing your sweet smile….
Wishing you a very Happy Smile Day!!”

“You can change someone’s life with your smile….
Never hesitate to smile because it can touch hearts that are separated by miles.”

“On Smile Day, become a reason for someone’s smile….
Bring some happiness in someone’s life with your sweet smile.”

“It is so simple to smile and so simple to have many more faces smiling with you
Keep Smiling!!!”

“Don’t let any problem, any person, any situation take away your smile from you…..
Always wear your smile because you make many others smile.”

“Smile is like a window that shows how happy your heart is….
Warm wishes on Smile Day to everyone.”

“You cannot solve any problem with a frown face but with a smile,
you can surely win many hearts.”

“A smile just does not cost anything but it does help you win many things in life….
Happy Smile Day to you.”

“Always keep smiling and one day you will find all your problems have ended.”

“A smiling face always looks very beautiful and a smiling heart always is a happy one.”

“Happy Smiling Day!!!!
Smile and you will have the world smiling back at you.”

“Smile because many people die many deaths when they see you cry… Smile for them!!!”

“Life is very beautiful and with smiling faces, it becomes a blessed life….
Make this life worthy with your smile.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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