Jai Shree Krishna

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This picture was submitted by Madhavi Oza.

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5 Responses on “Jai Shree Krishna”

Ramesh Thaker says:

I just want to know one thing from you if u please let me know, some time people send me bhajan,song, mantra on what’s app,do u have any GIF in song and bhajan,please do let me know, regards,Ramesh

Song cannot be insert in gif image… only in .videos

Ramesh Thaker says:

Hi Smita tks for reply as you mentioned song can’t b instert in image only video, therefore do u not have video gif or can u not make gif in video, hope u become success in that, good luck and hope to hear from u, take care regards Ramesh

Ramesh Thaker says:

I like your website really extraordinary, wish you Best of luck ????, regards Ramesh

Thank You Tamesh bhai… its my pleasure you like it
May God Bless You 🙂

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