Khetsi Maithia Specialised in Gujarati Quotes

Khetsi Maithia


Birthday : 15-05-1952

Place of Birth : Veraval, Gujarat

Profession : Business

Facebook Profile :

Word that describes you best : Love all, Forgive all

Which type of movie you enjoyed most : OMG

Dream Job : Social health

Biggest Achievements :
1) My best remedy Methi Dana., 2) God marvellous success

Do u find soulmate : —

Which Vehicle do you like to travel ? Why? : Activa. Its compartable

What people like about yourself : Man having sympathy

What is more important for life :Social fellowship

Things that Annoy you : N A

What is your wish : Being a Doctor of kitchen remedy

If you met God what would you asked for yourself : No demand, ready to die

What message do you give to the world : Just, be rhythmic, lovable to all

Do You enjoy here contributing Images to site : Yes

Describe this website : This website work best for society, May wish it endeavour to the best extent.

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Dipak Goriya says:

Diabetes matadava mate su karavu
mo 9428706541

Khetsi Maithia is “Dhanwantri” sent by God on this earth for the benefit of society. Your work in the form of images to this site is highly appreciable by us and all your followers. Thanks for your work and Best Wishes for future Good Work 🙂

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