Madhavi Oza Specialised in Day Wishes


Name : Madhavi Oza

Birthday : December 2

Place of Birth : Dadar, Mumbai

Profession : Interior Designer

Facebook Profile :

Word that describes you best : Happy go lucky.

Which type of movie you enjoyed most : Comedy

Dream Job : Something that involves Creativity.

Biggest Achievements : As a Interior Designer have accomplished many projects.

Do u find soulmate : Yes

Which Vehicle do you like to travel ? Why? : SUV Cars. It’s my passion.

What people like about yourself : May be my helpful nature.

What is more important for life : Fresh Air, Nutritious Food, Good health & Happy & Peaceful mind.

Things that Annoy you : People who Crib.

What is your wish : I love traveling and would like to see every corner of the world & see the Nature’s beauty.

If you met God what would you asked for yourself : Happy , Healthy and Peaceful life.

What message do you give to the world : Save this Beautiful world of God. Keep Pollution free Environment, Go Green, Save water, Don’t waste food.

Do You enjoy here contributing Images to site : Very much

Describe this website : It’s a nice platform to show ones creativity.

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