10 Powerful Anti Smoking Quotes

1). The strongest motivation which works like a magic in quitting smoking is by closing your eyes and imagine your loved ones and their happiness.

2). Life is a beautiful journey and it has to be a pleasant one….. Quit Smoking and fill it with love and fragrance…. Quit smoking now!!!

3). Smoking defines a person, his strengths and weaknesses, his priorities in life…. And quitting smoking also defines a person’s character.

4). Smoking is one habit which drains you of your health, happiness, money and life….. Quit smoking to save all the good things in your life.

5). Each and every cigarette you smoke brings you closer towards a darker life…. Stay away from it by quitting smoking for a happy life.

6). The key to healthy life is burning calories and not burning cigarettes….. So give up on smoking for a healthy life.

7). When you smoke, you not only kill yourself but also kill all the love that surrounds you, all the loved ones that surround you. Quit Smoking!!!

8). It is your decision that what you want to see in your life….. Smoke and dullness or happiness and beautiful hues…. Give up on smoking!!!

9). Do not destroy your life by indulging into habit of smoking but make it a beautiful one by quitting smoking.

10). Success comes to those work for it and quitting smoking is impossible for those who neither love themselves nor their family.

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