Best and Catchy No Smoking Day Slogans in English

“Smoking is the slow poison which eats your body slowly from inside.”

“Don’t smoke…. It is bad for you and also for the ones around you.”

“Life is precious…. Keep it safe… Keep it away from tobacco.”

“There are so many wonderful things to do in life, don’t miss on them because of smoking.”

“Leave tobacco before it destroys the happiness in your life.”

“Tobacco is a killer…. Don’t let is kill you.”

“Value life… Quit smoking…. Stay healthy.”

Life is beautiful and without smoking, it is even more beautiful.”

“Don’t give the keys of your life in the hands of smoking.”

“If you love yourself then you cannot love smoking.”

“If you want to burn something the burn calories and not cigarettes.”

“If you smoke then you definitely don’t love yourself.”

“Don’t let your life shorten and diseases strengthen…. Quit smoking.”

“If you want to live happy and healthy then say no to smoking.”

“Saying no to smoking is saying yes to life.”

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