Best No Smoking Day Message to Employees

1). Life is too beautiful to be wasted in smoke….. Value it and quit smoking to have a happy and healthy life….. Best wishes on No Smoking Day.

2). On the occasion of No Smoking Day, I wish you a healthy life free from smoking and cigarettes…. Have a great day!!!

3). Giving up yourself to an addiction like smoking reflects a weak person….. Be strong to quit smoking…. Wishing a very Happy No Smoking Day.

4). Life is all about facing the challenges and winning over them….. Best wishes on No Smoking Day to our employees who are strong.

5). Smoking has ruined many lives and it surely doesn’t deserve any more…. Say No to Smoking…. Happy No Smoking Day to our employees.

6). Our employees are like our family and we wish a happy and healthy life for them free of smoke….. Best wishes on No Smoking Day.

7). Let us celebrate No Smoking Day by promising ourselves to never let the smoke become the part of our lives…. Wishing you good health!!!

8). No Smoking Day inspires us to stay away from smoking, to stay healthy and to keep our families healthy….. Say no to smoking…. Happy No Smoking Day.

9). Smoking and health cannot go hand in hand….. If you want to be healthy then you can never achieve it with smoking….. Warm wishes on No Smoking Day.

10). Smoking takes you closer to bad times and quitting smoking brings you closer to good times…. Wishing you good times and wishing you Happy No Smoking Day.

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